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◊ Ptah ◊

Awaking in a New World

◊ Ptah ◊ Awaking in a New World
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All over Japan, musicians disappear one by one for unknown reasons.
Plucked away from their warm beds or in the middle of a shopping tour they find themselves waking on an entirely different, strange planet or continent: The world of Ptah. Vegetation, environment, animals and even the sky differ from their home planet. Is it a dream or bitter reality?

The world's dieties, the eq kindly help making the first steps in this new world, but higher explanations remain scarce. Stuck with a distinct magic power under the control of prayers, there's no choice but to accept fate at this time.

Whether living in Onos, Mii or Kano, they'll feel lucky to have been fitted with speaking the local language - but will also find themselves surprised to run into other familiar and unfamiliar, Japanese-speaking musicians. It seems out of nowhere, everyone is appearing on Ptah now, due to the same inexplainable reasons.

What's the significance of this? ...Will they ever return?

In any case, for now there is no choice but to try and integrate into this new world, meet the local folk (link to NPC), learn about beliefs, the solar system, zodiacs , the politics and customs - and how to make a living. And like any human being, the time will come for them to seek the purpose of being here, the means to return to their origin...

Or maybe develop the desire to stay...
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In the world of Ptah,
Humanity has carved its existence out of a wild and magical planet. Now, three nations rest in an unsteady coëxistence. Distrust pervades the nations, on the brink of war over natural resources and boundaries, while the planet itself still holds many mysteries for humanity in its untamed forests, waters, and wastes. The world is filled with magic and history, stories of angels and spirits tread the lines between reality and fiction, and great machines forged from ancient and modern innovation form the backbone of rapidly expanding society. Enter a world where everything is not as it seems and a person's intentions are as murky as the deep sea's waters, where islands float over fields full with strange beasts, and the world is full of magic, machinery, and mystery whose secrets will be shewn to a select few who dare to delve for them. Here on Ptah, your fate is what you carve it out to be, whether through the slice of a blade, the power of magic, or the technical precision of a machine. So now, what is your destiny?
Strange people have arrived on Ptah from a planet far away called Japan. These men and women have strange powers of neither magic nor technology, and the ability to change the world. No one knows whether they are good or evil, mortals or angels, all anyone knows is that they sure do look funny rock. Their appearance comes at the same time as news that the great all-consuming black hole Azajoj and its feindish soul-stealing retainer Nyarlathotet are on the move... Are these new people from "Japan" heroes sent by Set to fight Azajoj, or are they the fiendish servants of Nyarlathotet?
With a storm on the horizon millions of light-years away from home, these J-rockers have their work cut out for them!

So what is it?
Ptah is a High Fantasy / Steampunk Semi Alternate Universe J-rock Role Playing Game. J-rockers are accepted whether male or female, active or retired, and consideration may be given to J-pop artists. The gist of the game is that J-rockers as we know them now are transported to another world where they gain a magical power. AIM is required to play. Our pace is laid back, our attitude friendly, but our rules, including those of literacy, are enforced. We invite you, dear reader, to join us so long as you have a love for J-rock and passion for phantasy within your heart!

How do you say Ptah?
Pata. It's easiest that way. The planet Ptah is named after the Egyptian god Ptah, the potter-god of earth.

What do I need to play?
In order to play in the world of Ptah, you will need AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and any Livejournal account to post with.
All posting in Ptah is done either at ptah_ic. A separate RP account is not required.
If you feel more comfortable posting from an RP account, that is fine. No posting will be done in this RP journal for Ptah, so you can double up the journal with another community without infringing on their cross-community rules. Go ahead and use your personal journal if you want to.

When posting to ptah_ic please use the subject line of posts and comments to distinguish muses. Please keep all large blocks of text and all images behind lj-cuts. [lj-cut]text[/ljcut]
You will note that this post is not behind an lj-cut because it is rather important.

* LOG: [muse]/[muse]
This is how we mark LOGs, which are formatted recordings of the play done over AIM. We love it when you post LOGs! LOGs should be posted with AIM names removed in a one colour story format. Because you should be RPing as if this were a story.

* OOC: [muse]mun: -subject line-
This is to show that you're making a post Out Of Character. OOC is important for announcements such as having to take a break from the game, or announcing a trip. Other subjects, even posts to get to know other players can be made OOC.

* MOD: -subject line-
Posts marked like this are the MOD (moderator) talking to the community. They should be read by all. The MOD may speak of community rules, give out more worldbuilding information, or answer OOC concerns

* APP: [muse]
Used for claiming a muse in an application. If you want to put a muse on hold, leave a comment on our claims list.

* PTA: [muse]mun: -subject line-
Worldbuilding, including pictures of your character, maps, or description of NPCs and other such sundry. All the initial worldbuilding and rules posts are made at ptah_ic (MOD:#0-6), and questions will often be referred back to them.

* [muse]: ATN [muse]
This format is for private messages. If you see this, you'll know either not to look or not let what you read affect your characters.

* [muse]mun: @ MOD
Please use this subject to voice any questions or complaints if you can't find the MOD online. The MOD is open to your input and to hearing any problems you may have. Because he likes to fix things to make everyone happier.

* [muse]: -subject line-
Any other thing your character would like to announce, feel free to do so!

The last thing you need to play is knowledge of the world and the rules it plays by...

Þe Rules
1. Thou shalt not harrass thy fellow players. Those who do so shall be booted to the head.
2. Thou shalt use proper grammar and spelling, be thee native to the English tongue or foreign. All shall be held to the same standard of literacy. Those who do not comply shall be warned, and if no improvement is shown, the offender shall be asked to leave.
3. Thou shalt talk with thy fellow players at least once a week.
4. Thou needst not utilize ye olde speake. As a mattre of facte, that woulde gette quite annoyinge. (Especially if done improperly as per the previous example.)
5. Thou shalt follow all of the rules set forth in the detailed gameplay sections henceforth. If thou strayest from this adherence, the MOD will kindly correct thee.
6. The MOD's word is law, and his judgement fair. But lo! Thou mayest bring to him complaints which he shall review in order that all might have a more amusing play environment.
7. Thou mayest claim only two muses at once.
8. Thou shalt know thy muses well, and when thou playest them IC thou shalt keep to their personality.
9. Ðen lobbeſt ðou ðy holiye hande grenade of Antioch tovvards ðy foe... and remember that the intarnets aren't always serious business.
10. Have fun, first and foremost!

Name: Ya
LJ: putti_plush
AIM: obfuscobble
Muse: Sakurazawa "Sakura" Yasunori
(I wanna play too!)
E-mail: putti_plush@yahoo.com
(Contact me via e-mail or AIM if you have any questions.)