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Yuma [userpic]
APP: [Kiyoto]
by Yuma (neko_yaru)
at August 18th, 2007 (06:52 pm)

current mood: restless
current song: Muse - Showbiz

Mun name: Angela
Mun/Muse LJ: neko_yaru

Muse Name: Kiyoto
Muse Age: 23 (this is a guesstimation)

Three skills your Muse has apart from musical talent: good with making things with his hands (an example being little figures made out of clay and painted), can find food anywhere, making good impressions with people.
Three to five positive traits that describe your muse: Friendly, easy-going, open, generally confident of himself (although he does have his moments), loyal, quick on his feet.
A matching number of negative traits that describe your muse: bad with money, can be immature, selfish at times, easily gets bored, competitive, quick to judge others.

Muse's eq: Nebet-het
Muse's power: lycanthropy: Snow Leopard
Muse's Country of Appearance: Kano (zinzini area)

The thrashing in the growth around him increased. Whoever or whatever it was had dropped all pretense of stealth and was now bent on an all out chase. Kiyoto's labored breath came fast and hard he was moving through the towering trees faster and much lower to the ground than he ever remembered he could. The hot air felt heavy with moisture and hung against his skin like a thick coat a myriad of sounds and scents he couldn't discern invading his senses. Every nerve, every pin-pricked hair and sense whispered desperately for him to keep running every sign pointing that whatever it was that was following him was not friendly and if he didn't keep moving it would be over before it begun.

Where on Earth was he, anyways?

One moment he was on his way to meet with some friends for a day in Shinjuku, passing down one of his favorite shortcuts to the train station and the next he was running through this forest thick with trees, many of which seemed to be as big around as he was tall, running for his life. From what he could tell it was well past nightfall and the thick canopy above blocked out much of the moonlight yet he could still make out enough details to maneuver through the trees only stumbling now and again over a protruding root or down a too sharp drop.

Ahead of him, maybe 50 yards away, he could make out a clearing where pure unfiltered moonlight shone brighter than any noonday sun and he headed straight for it a boost of adrenaline giving his exhausted body another burst. As he sprinted he was now aware there was more than one thing following him thrashing around him getting nearer but he was so close, so very close... Through the clearing he made out a figure - a human one. Joy and relief lanced through him like a white hot bolt giving him hope that he could just make it. Somehow he knew that if he just broke the clearing he'd be safe.
His heart pounding in his ears and his breath puffing harder than he ever imagined he opened his mouth to cry out to grab their attention but all that he managed to get out was a strangled sound he'd never heard pass his lips before. Kiyoto didn't have time to dwell too much on it as the figure was getting closer and it was obvious they had heard his pathetic attempt to get their attention a they were now facing him - but she looked scared, about as frightened a Kiyoto was feeling, and was staring directly at him. He broke the clearing sprinting straight for her before a loud crack split the air. He stumbled, falling head over feet and rolling once, twice before he finally stopped. He was gulping at the air his body so strung up on adrenaline still he couldn't feel any pain, but now everything was just fading out. He was vaguely aware he couldn't move his arm before everything dissolved into black.


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Posted by: Yuma (neko_yaru)
Posted at: August 19th, 2007 02:54 am (UTC)
Re: Accepted

Fix what? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT U MEAN! *innocent* :D

(btw it is fixed <3)

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