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maonyanyan [userpic]
[Mao]: What on earth (earth???!?) is going on here?!
by maonyanyan (maonyanyan)
at August 4th, 2007 (06:53 pm)

current location: Kuini
current mood: scared

I must be. going. insane.

This was my last hope to get into ANY contact with ANYONE I know... but the Ptah internet is in no way connected with... what should I call it? - "earth internet".

This is so scary. If it wasn't for Kaquin, who calls me Mao-ca already, I'd be entirely lost and in tears. But slowly and determinedly I am getting around. Well, SHE is getting me around - I can barely get myself to move. 
That she believes this utterly insane story is amazing enough, but I guess it comes with my looks that don't fit this place at all. ... We're currently looking for some sort of job for me, a place to stay in (this all worked very quickly, I'm still in shock) and she kindly lent me this and that from her brother Takarnelmi.

Anyway... if anyone, ANYONE at all who speaks Japanese, knows me, ANYONE who knows the earth or whatever finds this, PLEASE, for the sake of sanity, CONTACT ME. Reply. Something. Use this goshdarn net, come here, find me, tell me how the hell to get back! 

Tell me what is going on. I can barely sleep at night.
So many things I don't want to think about... so many friends... 

Info:  I am in Onos. Kuini, to be exact. Currently living with 
E~kumi Saalugeni Kaquin & her family. 
I don't know how to write down their adress yet. Will update as soon as I know.

~_~ I am sure asking for "Some really foreign strange looking guy" would help. 
If you speak ho~pwaga, that is. O_o;

And if I am asleep, PLEASE wake me!